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Be Our Guest and See our Most   Delicious Starters! 

Naan Paneer Sabzi Platter 

 نان پنیر سبزی

Feta cheese, butter, jams, walnuts, cucumber, and tomato.



کشک بادمجان   

Fried eggplant mixed with thick whey , topped with fried onion , garlic and dried mint


Eggplant Fries

بادمجان فرایس

crispy, breaded eggplant served with our homemade dip


Chicken Wings 

چیکن وینگز

Salt & Pepper, Lemmon Pepper, Buffalo ( Hot ), Mango habanero


Zeytoon Parvardeh

زیتون پرورده

Olives, marinated in a mixture of walnuts & pomegranate molasses  


Mast - e - sadeh 

ماست ساده 

Plain Yogurt


Mast - o - khiar

ماست و خیار 

Yogurt mixed with chopped cucumbers topped with dried mint.


Mast - o - moosir

ماست موسیر

Yogurt mixed with shallots topped with dried mint.


Fried Pasta

ماکارونی سوخاری 

Homemade Pasta, Lightly Fried, and served on a bead of marinara sauce.


Mast - e - ghajari

ماست قجری 

Yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber , walnuts , raisins and garlic


Paneer Sabzi Rolls

پنیر سبزی رولز 

Spinach and mix cheese wrapped in puff pastry & lightly fried.


Specialty Pickles

Shoor - شور 

Dill Pickled Vegetables


sir- torshi - سیر ترشی

Pickled Garlic


Mix-Torshi - میکس ترشی 

Pickled Mixed Vegetables



Sub Rice for Salad      $3.99

Add Grilled Chicken   $6.99

Shirazi Salad - سالاد شیرازی 


Garden Salad - سالاد فصل


Caesar Salad - سالاد سزار



All our Soup are made from Scratch  with only the Finest Ingredients

Addasi - عدسی 

Lentil and potato soup topped with fried onion


Soup-e-jo - سوپ جو

Chicken barley soup


Ashe-e-reshteh - آش رشته 

Herbs, Beans and Noodles topped with whey dip, fried onion, fried garlic, and fried onion


TOP  Specialty

See Our Persian Specials Below

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh

زرشک پلو با مرغ

Chicken thigh cooked in a homemade tomato sauce served with rice. Topped with saffron and barberries.


Morassa Polo

مرصع پلو- قیمه نثار

Stewed top sirloin mixed with diamond cut almond and pistachios cooked in a homemade sauce. Topped with rice, diamond cut almond and pistachios, saffron, and barberries.


Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh

باقالی پلو با ماهیچه

Lamb shank cooked in a savory homemade sauce. 

Served with Fava beans and dill mixed saffron rice.


Polo Ba Mahi

Polo Ba Mahi

شوید پلو با ماهی

Marinated Basa Fillet cooked to perfection. Served with Dill rice and Saffron.


Specialty Stews

Ghormeh Sabzi

قورمه سبزی  

A traditional stew with chunks of top sirloin , assorted vegetables, dried lemon, and kidney beans.

Served with rice and saffron.


Gheimeh Bademjoon

قیمه بادمجان

A traditional stew with chunks of top sirloin, saffron broth, dried lemon, yellow split peas. Topped with chips, and fried eggplant. 

 Served with rice and saffron.


Fesenjoon (Sweet) 

فسنجون ( شیرین)

Stew of chicken breast, pomegranate molasses, walnuts, and spices.

Served with basmati rice and saffron.




Sub Rice for Salad      $3.99

Sub Rice for Soup      $2.99

Sub Rice for Fries   $2.99

Sub Rice for Baghali polo  $3.99

Sub Half Salad + Half Rice $1.99

*** All kababs are grilled to perfection. If you would like it very well done please specify at the time of ordering. 

*** Onion, extra pita bread, sample of our homemade pickles are complimentary.

***کباب ها به صورت کامل کباب می شوند. اگر دوست دارید خیلی زیاد پخته شوند لطفا در زمان سفارش مشخص کنید.***

*** پیاز، نان پیتا اضافه، نمونه ترشی های خانگی ما رایگان است.***

Koobideh Kabab

کباب کوبیده

Two skewers of grilled ground beef.

 Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.


Joojeh Kabab (Chicken Thigh)

جوجه کباب ران

Single skewer of marinated bone- in chicken thigh. Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.


Joojeh Kabab (Chicken Breast)

جوجه کباب سینه 

Single skewer of marinated boneless chicken, grilled to perfection. Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.




Single skewer of marinated top sirloin chunks, grilled to perfection. . . Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.


Barg Kabab


Single skewer of marinated and tenderized top sirloin fillet, grilled to perfection. . . Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.




single skewer of mixed layered chicken breast and top sirloin chunks, grilled to perfection. . . Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.




One skewer of marinated chicken breast and one skewer of ground beef, grilled to perfection.... Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.




One skewer of marinated and tenderized top sirloin fillet and one skewer of ground beef, grilled to perfection... Served with grilled tomato and saffron rice.




Sub Rice for Salad  - - - - - - -   $10.99

Sub Rice for Half Salad + Half Rice  $5.99

Sub Rice for Fries  - - - - - - - -  $6.99

Sub Rice for Half Fries + Half Rice  $3.99

Sub Rice for Baghali polo  $9.99

Sub Rice for Baghali polo + Half Rice  $5.99

Khoresht  Platter - خورشت پلتر 

  • ☑️ Choose two of our stew selection 

  • ☑️ Ghormeh Sabzi -  قرمه سبزی

  • ☑️ Gheymeh Bademjoon -  قیمه بادمجان

  • ☑️ Fesenjoon -  فسنجون

  • Served with 3 serving of saffron rice.

       (serves 3-4 people)


    Mix Special Platter - میکس پلتر 

  • ☑️ Barg -  برگ

  • ☑️ Chicken Boneless Joojeh (Sineh) -  جوجه

  •  ☑️ Chicken Bone in joojeh (ran) -  جوجه با استخون

  • ☑️ Bakhtiyari -  بختیاری

  • ☑️ Koobideh -  کوبیده

  • ☑️ Chenjeh -  چنجه

  • One skewer of each & 4 grilled tomatoes. 

    Served with 4 servings of saffron rice.    

       (serves 4-5 people)


    Kabab Platter - کباب پلتر 

  • ☑️ Koobideh -  کوبیده

  • ☑️ Chicken Boneless Joojeh (Sineh) -  جوجه

  • 3 skewer of each & 4 grilled tomatoes.

    Served with 4 servings of saffron rice.

       (serves 4-5 people)



    Hot Drinks

    Coffee - قهوه 


    Persian Tea - چایی


    Café Latte - قهوه لاته 


    Espresso - اسپرسو 


    Americano - امریکانو


    Cappuccino - کاپوچینو


    Cold Drinks

    Fruit Juice - آب میوه

    …Apple, Orange, Cranberry 


    2% Milk - ۲%  شیر


    Chocolate Milk - شیر کاکائو


    Doogh (Glass) - ( لیوان ) دوغ


    Doogh (Pitcher) - ( پارچ ) دوغ 


    Sparkling Water (Bottled)

    -  آب گاز دار


    Soft Drinks (In a Can)

    - (قوطی)  نوشابه

    …Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, 7up


    Soft Drinks - نوشابه

    …Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger ale, 7up, OR Orange Crush


    Bottled Water -  بطری آب



    Bastani Sonnati - بستنی سنتی

    Traditional saffron Ice Cream in crunchy wafer 


    Baklava - باقلوا پسته ای

    layered pastry dessert filled with chopped pistachios, and sweetened with saffron syrup



    Baklava - باقلوا گردویی

    layered pastry dessert filled with chopped walnuts, sweetened with saffron syrup and topped with almonds



    Saffron rice pudding

    - شله زرد

    saffron, cardamom, and rosewater. It's delicate in flavor but so deeply aromatic that it's hard to stop eating it.



    Koobideh - کوبیده 


    Joojeh (Chicken Breast)           - جوجه


    Joojeh ( bone-in thigh)       - جوجه با استخون


    Barg               -  برگ


    Chenjeh  -  چنجه


    Bakhtiyari - یبختیار


    Lamb      -  ماهیچه


    Tomato (Grilled)    -  گوجه


    Skewer of Tomato ( Grilled )    -  گوجه


    Saffron Rice (Plain)      -  برنج


    Rice (Baghali Polo) -  پلو باقالی


    Zereshk           -     زرشک


    Khoresht             -     خورشت


    A 15% gratuity will be automatically added to bills for groups consisting of 10 or more guests.